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Remote PC Repair

Compucures Inc. has discontinued this service.
We no longer offer this service... REMOTE ACCESS COMPUTER REPAIR

Working smart means making the most of your time. Your organization is not alone in needing to accelerate computer repairs with as little down time as possible.

We at Comp-u-Cures, Inc. now offer expert remote access computer repair. This means we can connect to your computer and make many repairs without a service tech coming to your location.

The benefit of this is obvious. We can take control of your computer within minutes, diagnose and make repairs in less time than it would take for a technician to get to your location.

Also, if we still have to send a technician to you we, will have a much better idea of just what needs to be done.

Remote repair is secure with 128 bit encryption. We also cannot do any work to your computer without you giving us permission. Which means we cannot connect to your machine anytime we want to. You have to allow us every time.

Remote access repair is safe, fast and secure.

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