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Comp-u-cures, Inc. has built its repetition on designing and building computers from the highest quality components available. Whether you are looking to build a small system for internet browsing, a high end gaming system that wont compromise on frame rates or server for your business running the latest version of Windows Server 2003 Comp-u-cures, Inc. is ready to help.

Steve Ashkenazy, the owner of Comp-u-cures, Inc. started out in the early 1980's working for a high volume electronics dealer in the New York metropolitan  area. "Back in those days the computer of choice was the Commodore 64 and the Vic 20" recalls Mr. Ashkenazy. Taking a great interest in computers and the consumer electronics market Mr. Ashkenazy spent years selling and merchandising computers and electronics for many major New York area dealers. 

As the '90's progressed and computer games gained popularity, processors and graphic cards were pushed to their limits. There came a demand for people to put systems together that could run these games at their highest possible frame rates. It was this demand that drove Comp-u-cures, Inc. to passionately devote itself to the pursuit of this goal. 

Now that off the shelf systems have great speed the large manufactures are focusing on bringing prices down. Yet, with such great overhead they have little choice but to use mass produced lower quality parts to try to market systems at a low price.

We at Comp-u-cures, Inc. pledge to our customers the highest quality construction at the most reasonable and competitive prices. We offer honest consultation, friendly service and devotion to your needs.